Guo Cheng

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Born in Beijing in 1988, Guo Cheng currently lives and works in Shanghai. He was graduated from MA Design Products at Royal College of Art (London, UK) and obtained his BE in Industrial Design at Tongji University (Shanghai, China). His practice mainly focuses on exploring the interrelation between mainstream/emerging technologies and individuals under the context of culture and social life.  In recent years, his practice has dealt with themes such as the Anthropocene and Second Nature, digitalized interobjectivity, and infrastructures and ideologies behind. Guo Cheng’s works often use humorous yet calm plastic language, linking grand issues with seemingly arbitrary objects, and providing critical perspectives for discussion and imagination.

His recent solo exhibitions include: Almost Unmeant, Magician Space, Beijing, China (2020); Down to Earth, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2019). Major group exhibitions include: How Do We Begin?, X Museum, Beijing, China (2020); The Eternal Network (exhibition of Transmediale 2020), HKW, Berlin, Germany (2020); The Process of Art: TOOLS AT WORK, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China (2019); Notes from Pallet Town, UCCA Dune, Qinhuangdao, China (2019); Deja vu, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (2019); Open Codes. Connected Bots, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China (2019); Free Panorama, Pingshan Culture Center, Shenzhen, China (2019); Tracing the Mushroom at the End of the World, Taikang Space, Beijing, China (2019); Shanghai Beat, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan (2018); Machines Are Not Alone: A Mechanic Trilogy, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (2018); Life Time, Mu Art Space, Eindhoven (2017); The Ecstasy of Time, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen (2017) etc..

He obtained Ars Electronica Honorary Mentions (Linz, 2020); CAC://DKU Research & Creation Fellowship (Shanghai, 2020); STARTS Prize Nomination (Linz, 2020); the Digital Earth fellowship (2018-2019); the Special Jury Prize of Huayu Youth Award (Sanya, 2018); the Bio-Art & Design Award, The Hague (2017).

Amber No.8, 2020, concrete, reinforcing steel bar, custom circuit, thermal camera, Raspberry Pi, LCD screen, 31 x 31 x 170cm, 20 x 20 x 180cm

The (temporary) gadget No.6, 2019, Cactus, Flowerpot,Custom circuit, Geiger Muller tube, Arduino, Carbon fiber tube, 120x40x40cm

The (temporary) gadget No.6, detail

Abstract Oracle Generator, 2020, stainless steel plated with titanium, inverted bell, wood, custom circuit, LED screen, Geiger Muller tube, 210 x 210 x 14cm

A Felicitous Neo-past, 2017, Single channel HD Video, 6‘41

Amber No.1, 2019, concrete, custom circuit, rock, wood board, 190 x 60 x 70cm