Zang Kunkun

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Zang Kunkun was born in Qingdao, China in 1986. Currently lives and works in Beijing, China. Zang Kunkun’s approach of dealing with experiences of his native China, is expressed through a very universal language, transcending cultural standards, collective acceptance and subconscious agreements. By using industrial materials, he works themes, such as urbanization, the passage of time, and dimensions that are subject to time and space into his installations and paintings, which he altogether considers as objects.

In recent years, Zang Kunkun has increasingly rendered his paintings as objects, rather than depictions of objects on the painted plane. He is attempting to build mutual connections between painting, objects and the things in the paintings, but on an even, rather than hierarchal footing. This implies, that his art is gradually shifting towards a general art, as opposed to some special notion of painting.

His work is held by many art institutions and private collections include MOCA @ Loewen, Singapore; M+ Museum, Hong Kong, China; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Long Museum, Shanghai, China; HAO Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Motif Contemporary Art Fund; James Keith (JK) Brown and Eric Diefenbach; Aaron & Barbaba Levine Collection; Sigg collection, etc.

Upright(III), 2018, bricks, copper, nylon band, metal, 220x80x110cm

Reconcile(II), 2015, old wood, leather, grinding wheel, hemp rope, coconut sheel, 60x33x12.5cm

Consume(III), 2012-2013, acrylic, tape measure, diameter, 25.5cm,17cm,14.5cm

Energy No.2, 2008, chemical fiber cotton, neon lights, 200×200×50CM