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Art Basel in Basel 2021 | OVR

VIP Preview: Sept. 21, 11am CET – Sept. 23, 2pm CET

Public Days: Sept. 23, 2pm CET – Sept. 26, 12 MN

Artists: Liu Yefu, Hu Jieming, Timur Si-Qin


Magician Space participates in Art Basel in Basel 2021 | OVR in September 2021. The selection of artworks by Liu Yefu, Hu Jieming and Timur Si-Qin reflect on the urgency, complicity and ambiguity in unpredictable times, especially under the living situation of the pandemic.

In parallel with the physical booth of Magician Space for the Statement Sector, Liu Yefu’s latest project Hehemeimei creates a future landscape which based on scenes of street life in Beijing, about globalization, geopolitics, and economy. Liu envisions the notion of “global-local” in secular and matter-of-fact language that poignantly points out the existing conflicts between the conservatives and liberals, the elites and the grassroots, as well as the reflexivity of ideology and their unanimous idleness in reality.

Hu Jieming began work on his series The Things during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The slow rhythm of his unusually closed environment inspired Hu Jieming to investigate this new everyday. Previously ignored spaces and familiar objects brought him completely different impressions as he stopped, gazed, and noted the way changes in light affect perception. The Things reflects on the stable and fragile, contradictory but symbiotic relationship between people and things. It draws attention to those parts of the everyday, both common and uncommon, that may not be realized by the people living in them.

Si-Qin’s long term meta-project is the proposal of a new secular faith in the face of climate change, global pandemics, and biodiversity collapse, called New Peace. The dialogue between the artist and a diverse array of materials, whether stones, lighted advertisements, digital images, or machines, is not only limited to aesthetic forms and considerations, but on a deeper level, this dialogue advocates for the independent, open consideration of culture as an emergent manifestation of matter. As various outmoded boundaries wear away, a collapse of the dualities of nature and culture, synthetic and organic, subject and object precipitates the question of how should art reconstruct subjectivity, consciousness, and morality within the material? New Peace is Si-Qin’s attempt to provide a potential path and personal resources for humanity to re-orient itself in an age of cataclysmic change.

Art Basel in Basel 2021 | OVR: Magician Space

Liu Yefu, Hehemeimei, 2019-2021 Single channel HD video, color, sound, 13’52”

Hu Jieming, The Things Series – Yellow No.9, 2020, pigment inkjet print, 150.0 x 100.0 cm

Timur Si-Qin, Prayer to Four Winds, 2021, video loop animation