Artlecture | Hu Jieming(胡介鸣)_The Things 2020

By Dawoon Choi



Like the term “low-tech aesthetic” he said (I understood it as aesthetic arose from simplicity), the new series is based on straight photography. This consciousness about “basic” might make him using 50mm lens which is similar to humans’ eyes. It seems the sight of Hu Jieming, who often looks for the meaning of society, history and culture through mega-size installation works, is narrowed. He carefully captured the hidden beauty within this uncommon and limited sight. ……. I felt his images resonated with audiences because of it. Maybe this is one of the reasons that we need art. Sometimes, a little consolation may become a big echo for us to get through this pandemic era.

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Image: Hu Jieming, The Things Series – Blue No.21, 2020, pigment inkjet print, 84.3x150cm