Guo Cheng in “A Journey Through Poetry” at OCAT Xi’an

Guo Cheng participates in “A Journey Through Poetry” at OCAT Xi’an.

Curator: Yang Xi

Artists: Chen Hua, Dong Jun, Guo Cheng, Hu Jiayi, Ma Haijiao, Zhang Muchen

Exhibition Dates: 2022.11.19-2023.2.13

Different from “tourism”, “journey” symbolizes purposeful action and has a sense of fear and awe. A poetic journey means a journey full of expedition and discovery. The exhibition attempts to relocate Xi’an in the wide extension of time and space and release the “buffer” of history and the present day for reweaving by starting with poetry. Thus, a city different from the previous one has been constructed again through poetry, geography, reality, and imagination.

When we no longer regard “poetry” as a literary style but put it into a wider physical space, the ink on paper for writing and printing, the tremor of tones in the air when reading, and continuously flashed frames in the screen… can make poetry turn into a different form of knowledge and an important medium for the body to empathize with foreign matters. The overlapping and expansion of geographical boundaries shorten the duration of time and then compress space. Subsequently, the behavioral anticipation and response provide us with a new dimension as the original morphological functions of the city become gradually weakened, and depleted, and the place where we live is deconstructed and reconstructed, thus forming a global “local sense”. The drifting of a city silently changes individuals’ perceptions of space. This means cultural identity, such as nationality, religion, gender, etc., no longer has a fixed, cohesive address. The inner space of each of us is constantly squeezed and projected into the outside world; the psychological displacement between reality and virtuality is outlined and the trajectory of action becomes a local anomaly.