Liu Chuang, Shi Guowei participates “Theme exhibition of the 6th anniversary of 33 Contemporary Art Center:Materials”

venue: 33 Contemporary Art Center

time: 2020.10.10 – 2021.01.10


Producer: Liu Yi

Academic Advisor: Pi Daojian

Curator: Ai Hai


Gallery & Artist:


TANG Contemporary Art:Zhu Jinshi, Zhao Zhao

Tokyo Gallery +BTAP:Kishio Suga, Morinai Keiko

Asia Art Center:Hang Chunhui

Beijing Commune:Yang Xinguang, Zhao Yao

Magician Space:Liu Chuang, Shi Guowei


The year of 2020 is like a dream…

In this situation, as time turns over the Autumn Equinox on the calendar, the remaining months are about to alternate with the next year, linking the past to the next.

Founded in the golden autumn of October 2014, the 33 Contemporary Art Center has gone through six springs and autumns. Till this day, with gratitude and an ideal at heart, we are still determined to move forward.

In October 2020, with the strong support and help of many artists, curators and critics over the past six years, the 33 Contemporary Art Center has ushered in its sixth anniversary. Meanwhile, with our influence and professionalism in the field of art, we have also invited six galleries at home and abroad to celebrate the anniversary of the 33 Contemporary Art Center together, and to plan the sixth anniversary contemporary art theme exhibition “Materials” with the art center.

The exhibition of “Materials” may have been a metaphor. Perhaps when the art center was first named, the metaphorical meaning of “Tao Generates Everything” was determined. It has to be said that, with little discussion, the works of the artists presented by the six galleries have different tastes and media, revealing the characteristics of their respective galleries. Of course, having been pursuing contemporary art, the 33 Contemporary Art Center, under the leadership of art critic Mr. Pi Daojian, has presented very high-quality art exhibitions one after another over the past few years.

The exhibition “Materials” aims to re-establish the direction and positioning of art. It will help the 33 Contemporary Art Center to form cooperation with more art institutions in the future, and to unite domestic and foreign art institutions to jointly promote a new model of contemporary art. The organizations involved in this collaboration are the Tang Contemporary Art Center from Thailand, the Galleria Continua from Italy, the Tokyo Gallery from Japan, the Asia Art Center from Taiwan, the Magician Space from Beijing, and the Beijing Commune Art Space. They brought the works of highly representative artists and merged them together through this sixth anniversary exhibition to reproduce a unified perspective of objectivity.

The reason for naming the exhibition “Materials” is firstly based on the artistic purpose of 33 Contemporary Art Center. In terms of easel painting, urban public art, picture and video art, and installation conceptual art, the art center emphasizes the core of any art type. It emphasizes that art starts from itself, and focuses on the “materialism” of the work itself. This time, in the eyes of the artists, “Materials” specifically refers to the primitive state of stone, paper, stainless steel, cloth, gravel, leaves, or wood. These “primitive” “materials” are displayed and transformed into works of art in their own naked concrete form, and a series of issues of relationship, status and state are derived from the connection between matter and matter, and matter and place. Regarding the selection of works for this exhibition, it brings together phenomenology, structuralism, conceptual painting, minimalism, and Zen thought. It raises questions about conservative modern aesthetics and philosophical ontology, and also provides opportunities to find new art.

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the 33 Contemporary Art Center, we have so many feelings to express. We can’t say enough about the recognition of industry peers, and the help and support of so many artists. The exhibition is inseparable from the investment of Jumbo Group without concern for return, and also the active participation of the public. All and all is for presenting better exhibitions and more interesting activities, and leave artistic memories for this lovely city!


33 Contemporary Art Center

October 3, 2020


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