Shi Guowei in “Nature: A Subjective Place” at Shanghai Center of Photography

NATURE: A Subjective Place

Exhibition Dates: 2016.09.08 – 11.27

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Center of Photography (SCôP)

Artists: Harry Callahan, Lin Ran, Ni Youyu, LuoYongjin, Shi Guowei, Shen Xuezhe, Wu Shankun


In autumn 2015, SCoP’s featured exhibition explored the human subject as a “figure of speech”. This autumn, it is the turn of nature as, through photographs, we explore pictorial ways of representing, structuring and symbolizing nature, be that as physical or metaphorical figure of speech, or simply as elemental landscapes. We take you on a trip into the natural world accompanied by the visions of the great 20th century American photographer Harry Callahan, and our own twenty-first century photography artists Lin Ran, Ni Youyu, Luo Yongjin, Shi Guowei, Shen Xuezhe and Wu Shankun from China.

“Nature: A Subjective Place” presents over 70 extraordinarily accomplished photographic works created using a host of styles and techniques, traditions and approaches. From the unusual and innovative works of Harry Callahan (1912-99) seen here in rare examples dating from the early 1940s to the mid-1970s, we have new and large-scale projects from Luo Yongjin and Wu Shankun; a series of elegant assemblages from artist Ni Youyu; magnificent portraits of landscapes from Shen Xuezhe and Lin Ran; and a group of exquisitely crafted color compositions from Shi Guowei.


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