Yu Bogong’s Vodka Project is launched in Action Space

Yu Bogong Vodka Project

Exhibition Dates: 2014.05.17 – 06.30

Exhibition Venue: Action Space


“Yu Bogong Vodka Project” is initiated the artist Yu Bogong , Action Space promoter Qian Long and assistant Xiao Li, artist Megumi Shimizu, they corporate and practice the project from 17th May to 30th June. They transform Action Space into a temporary bar, which will be created from discarded materials collected from the outskirts of Heiqiao District. Among the brewing of vodka, a diverse public will be assembled together to be involved in the formation of this temporary ‘container’ through a series of exchanges, dialogue and interaction. These initiatives thereby will initiate forms of investigation and attempts by individual practices and social practices. The anticipated accumulation of support generated by a ‘temporary bar’ will create an ecology that will break through aesthetic and social boundaries, which will make possible new forms of exchanges.


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