Timur Si-Qin in Gallery Weekend Beijing 2020 Up & Coming Sector

Gallery Weekend Beijing 2020 Up & Coming Sector:

“Those who see and know all, are all and can do all”

Curator: Zhang Hanlu


The Up & Coming Sector will annually present a curated group exhibition, dedicated to young Chinese talents whose artistic development are worth following. In our current information society, emerging artists of today are the first generation to be fully immersed in a globalised and contextualised art world which can often determine the flexibility of their paths at an unprecedented speed and rate of exposure, thus, making their observation more thrilling, but their support and guidance all the more crucial.

After a very well received group show for GWBJ 2019 that was curated by award-winning curator Lu Mingjun, the Up&Coming Sector 2020 will continue to work with young and talented curators to contextualize relevant young national artists within a group exhibition.

Chaos Family + NZTT Sewing Co-op + Hellkitty Band + Woodcut Class + Benguangdahualang, Hu Qingtai, Hu Yinping, Li Ran, Li Wenguang, Pu Yingwei, Timur Si-Qin, Tan Jing, Tong Kunniao, Tong Wenmin, Wang Xin, Wu Sih-Chin, Yang Xin, Zhang Lei, Zhang Wenxin, Zhou Siwei, Zhou Yilun, Zhu Yingying


Timur Si-Qin, NP Contingency Altar, 2018, 3D printing material, acrylic, PMMA plate, floor sticker, rope, silk, 65 x 37.5 x 87 cm

Timur Si-Qin, Ephedra Nevadensis 1, 2020, Lightbox, dia. 220cm

Timur Si-Qin continues his development of New Peace, a secular spirituality for the 21st century. Identifying the dualistic legacy of agricultural society and religions as maladap-tive for our contemporary world, New Peace argues for a re-enchantment with matter as the necessary basis for confronting the material problems of our times. The title East, South, West, North is a reference to the sacred circle of the four directions, a pri-mary spiritual concept in pre-agrarian/hunter gatherer religions of Central Asia and Americas. With this Si-Qin signals both a return to and necessary upgrade of our spir-itual orientation and dimensionality.

The dialogue between the artist and a diverse array of materials, whether stones, light-ed advertisements, digital images, or machines, is not only limited to aesthetic forms and considerations, but on a deeper level, this dialogue advocates for the independent, open consideration of culture as an emergent manifestation of matter. As various out-moded boundaries wear away, a collapse of the dualities of nature and culture, synthet-ic and organic, subject and object precipitates the question of how should art recon-struct subjectivity, consciousness, and morality within the material? New Peace is Si-Qin’s attempt to provide a potential path and personal resources for humanity to re-orient itself in an age of cataclysmic change.

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