Timur Si-Qin

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Timur Si-Qin (b. 1984) is an artist of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent who grew up in Berlin, Beijing and in a Native Indian community in the American Southwest. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment helped inform Si-Qin’s unique sensitivity to the relationship between nature and culture. Now living in New York, Si-Qin has become a leading figure in a Post-internet generation of artists who reference new developments in science and technology to challenge the separation between the human world and the biological laws of the natural world. Exhibitions include major solo shows at: von ammon co/DC (2020); Magician Space, Beijing (2018/2015); Spazio Maiocchi, Milan (2018); Société, Berlin (2018/2015/2013/2011); Art Basel Hong Kong (2018); Konfuzius Institut, Berlin (2017); Team Gallery, Los Angeles (2016); Art Basel Statements, Basel (2016). He also participated in the 2019 Asian Art Biennlal; in the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2019; 9th Berlin Biennale in 2016.

Aat’oo BEPA, 2018, 3D printing material, acrylic, 105 x 80 x 179 cm

NP Contingency Altar, 2018, 3D printing material, acrylic, PMMA plate, floor sticker, rope, silk, 65 x 37.5 x 87 cm

Campaign for a New Protocol, part IV (Danxia/Chinle simulation Afternoon 1), A, B, lightbox,diptych, 250 x 180 cm each

Fires of the Future (Forgiving Change), 2018, cast steel, dimension variable

Juniper,2019,3D printed material, acrylic, 150 x 86 x 122.5 cm

The 8th Gate Sorting Processor, 2015, Plexiglass, metal, resin, paper, LED lights, 285 × 195 × 171cm