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Magician Space is pleased to present David Douard’s latest solo exhibition “serious Slugs’ StrategY”.

The exhibition gathers his equivocal language, which he builds from a network of things with flexible physical and semantic properties. Industrial materials, domestic and public furniture, objects of sensory stimulation for humans and other animals, as well as images and poems collected from blogs all coalesce here. Vertebra by vertebra, these elements are fit together in his sculptures, paintings, and collages.

The title of David Douard’s exhibition seems to come from an occult treatise, invoking scintillating interiorities. There’s something unintelligible in this sequence of irregularly-formatted letters, which string together almost arbitrarily like pearls on a thread. Finding an expressive mode that keeps the inherent obscurity of the meaning of words, therefore allowing a warm and open communication, requires a balance that Douard trains himself to maintain. Through transforming the exhibition space in which sculptures, sound works, film and text coalesce coexist, David create a new mixtured world.

David Douard: serious Slugs’ StrategY

David Douard: serious Slugs’ StrategY, exhibition view

David Douard: serious Slugs’ StrategY, exhibition view

Lick’ng a’n 0rchiD 13, 2023, blown glass, aluminum, iron grid, melamine wood, metal, plastic, screen printed fabric, hair clip, 180 x 50 x 60 cm

HERE’ (SERIOUS’LUGS strategies) red and blue 2,2023, Aluminium, melamine wood, epoxy resin, acrylic paint, screen printed paper, acrylic glass, upholstery nails, plastic flowers, stickers, 120 x 79.5 x 13 cm

David Douard: serious Slugs’ StrategY, exhibition view

Birdzhands and’US(B),2023, Wood, plastic, metal, aluminium, paint, plaster, tape, sticker, upholstery nail, leather, 230 x 180 x 100 cm

David Douard: serious Slugs’ StrategY, exhibition view

UN’FOLD,13, 2023, Xerox printing and paint on transparent film sheet and paper, 64 x 46 x 5 cm