Ao Jing, Liu Yefu in Gallery Weekend Beijing 2023 Public Sector

Gallery Weekend Beijing 2023
Public Sector “Facets”

Curator: Leo Li Chen
Dates: 2023.05.26-06.25
Ao Jing’s sculpture Even Now and Liu Yefu’s video work AD Proposal 1,3,5 are now on display in Gallery Weekend Beijing Public Sector “Facets”. This exhibition will present the sculpture, installation, video, and performance works of 15 artists, including 6 new artworks, in various core outdoor venues of the 798 Art Zone, curated by independent curator Leo Li Chen.

Ao Jing’s Even Now is a sound interpretation of the two sides of urban noise and silence. The sound it has is not compulsory, but is initiated by chance and in a disorderly manner, driven by nature (the wind) in an attempt to create a relative ‘silence’ in the city through random sound production.

Liu Yefu fictionalises five advertisements that creatively blend the commonalities between art history, war, terrorism, capitalism and racism in a commodified aesthetic. Witty performative bridges infiltrate political issues into the consumerist paradigm. Serious critique is re-established as it is dissipated and entertained.