Guo Cheng in “How Do We Begin?” at X Museum Triennial

Guo Cheng, The (temporary) Gadget No.5, 2019, vertical greening felt bag, epipremnum aureum, custom circuit, Geiger Muller tube, arduino, carbon fiber tube, 250x40x40cm

After the conduction of Trinity Test that marks the proposed starting point of Anthropocene, the background radiation in the atmosphere reaches the peak within half-century due to thousands of overground nuclear tests. As the attenuation of radiation is happening, the background radiation intensity will decrease by the exponential curve.

The (temporary) Gadget consists of various materials and ready-made circuit boards as well as other modular. The Geiger Muller tube at the end of the pole detects the radiation level in the atmosphere. It will keep shaking while receiving the radiation ions until the background radiation intensity decay to the level before the Anthropocene, only if that could ever happen.

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