Guo Cheng in “Messengers” at Surplus Space

Guo Cheng participates in “Messengers” at Surplus Space.

Curator:Lu Mingjun

Dates: 2023.04.08-2023.09.10

Venue:Surplus Space, Wuhan

Magician Space is pleased to announce that Guo Cheng is currently on view in the exhibition “Messengers” at Surplus Space. Looking at the artists in our “Messenger” exhibition, whether it is Jin Feng’s letter to Dürer, Kopernik; Feng Junyuan; Gong Chenyu’s image archeology about the technology of medieval knights; Li Hanwei’s algorithmic painting in the digital desert; Guo Cheng; Liu Xin’s (low) tech ecological warning; the overflow and resistance of Wang Sishun’s physical abilities; or Wang Rui’s magical fairy tales or fables… these all remind us that we are experiencing unknown changes.

Exhibition View