Guo Cheng participates in “The Statistics of Fortune – Macao International Art Biennale 2023”

The Statistics of Fortune – Macao International Art Biennale 2023


Curator: Qiu Zhijie

Exhibition Date: 2023.7.28 – 10.29

Venue: Macao Museum of Art


Guo Cheng participates in The Statistics of Fortune – Macao International Art Biennale 2023, presenting his work Abstract Oracle Generator. The theme on “The Statistics of Fortune” aims to explore the correlation between science and religion. There are 42 artists participating in the main exhibition, they are from Japan, Indonesia, India, Canada, France, Cambodia, the United States, Thailand, Philippines, Italy, Singapore, Portugal, Mexico, South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. The main exhibition will display 118 (sets) of contemporary artworks, including painting, engraving, photography, mixed media, sculpture, installation, video and artificial intelligence art.

Abstract Oracle Generator is a device based on physical random number generator to produce different English acronym combinations, which like prophecies to response to questions raised by participates. In fact, when the device is triggered by participants striking the bronze bowl bell to activate the Geiger-Mueller tube system, the ionizing radiating particle in the environment is monitored and transferred on the LED screen with the randomly English acronyms. Maybe a way to put it, the ‘oracle’ produced by the ionizing radiation in the spatial environment, which monitored by Geiger-Mueller tube system, is purely and objectively than the human divination or the results generated by computer with the pseudo-random algorithm. Meanwhile, the abstraction of abbreviations expands the participants’ imagination.