Guo Hongwei, Shi Guowei, Tarak, Zang Kunkun in the “2022 Beijing Biennial”

Guo Hongwei, Shi Guowei, Tarak, Zang Kunkun participates in the “2022 Beijing Biennial”.


2022 Beijing Biennial, themed “Symbiosis”, aims to reflect on how human civilization and natural ecology should coexist, and how digital technology and creative design can intermix and develop. The Biennial hopes to present typical art topics and samples in Beijing, the national cultural center, and enrich the connotation of “Symbiosis” in the dimensions of space and time: “Symbiosis” of space showing the prosperity of the synchronic development of diversified art ecology in Beijing, and “Symbiosis” of time interpreting the diachronic development and prospect of Beijing’s art ecology from the past, the present to the future.

Exhibition View