Hu Yinping and Shi Guowei in the Insights exhibition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2023

Hu Yinping and Shi Guowei will participate in the Insights exhibition “Insights: Listen, Listen to the World” of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2023.

Curator: Yang Zi

Dates: 2023.4.20-4.23

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center

The exhibition is adapted from the cover exhibition Listen,Listen to the World, of The New York Times Life and Arts China issued on 10th December 2022. The exhibition is curated by independent curator Yang Zi and supported by Insights lead partner The New York Times Life and Arts China. The participating artists include Hu Weiyi, Hu Yinping, Liu Chuang, Liu Fujie, Li Hanwei, Shi Guowei and Wu Ding. The exhibition showcases works by seven artists who attempt to penetrate the signals surrounding people. Placed in a magnificent space, they quietly connect themselves to another forgotten time and space.

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