Hu Yinping in “Smart Order” at 69 Art Campus

Curator:Miao Zijin

Producer: Niklas Chou

Date: 2023.11.25 – 2024,03.03

Venue: 69 ART CAMPUS

“Smart Order” is a curatorial project showcasing modes of art production that might disturb a contemporary workplace. Ranging from Generative AI, online ordering & delivery platforms, and digital divination, to knitting, the working methods and materials employed by the participating artists vary. During a fixed period of time, a repetitive act of clocking in, modeling, looking, or even waiting represents a hierarchical structure. If being creative means modifying rules that govern our society, there is a chance that an artist’s practice could instill a sense of security and dignity.

Smart Order always contains Boredom and Stupidity. We should not be fooled by the liberating promise of automation technologies. Paradoxically, advanced instruments of control are maintained by human beings. Violence is glorified rather than noticed when work is done through systematic rituals. It is a Smart Strategy of withdrawal that changes working conditions and organizes a better class of ungovernable art workers.