Hu Yinping in “Upstairs Cities” at ASE Foundation

Hu Yinping participates in the group exhibition Upstairs Cities.

Curator | Lu Mingjun

Date | 2023.03.30-09.19

Venue | ASE Foundation, Shanghai

A total of 31 artists of different ages from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, with 35 works covering a variety of media including painting, installation, video, sculpture, and photography. The exhibition is curated by Lu Mingjun, a young researcher at the School of Philosophy, Fudan University.

Upstairs Cities is the second exhibition held by ASE Foundation, as the succession of last year’s opening exhibition “Stage/Time”, which is also based on the Foundation’s collection. It focuses on the city, architecture and people. The title of the exhibition, Upstairs Cities, is both a statement of physical and philosophical relationships.

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