Hu Yun, Li Ran participates in “Alternatives to Ritual” at OCAT Shenzhen

Alternatives to Ritual: A Case Study of OCAT Shenzhen

Exhibition Dates: 2013.01.26 – 03.26

Project Participants: Nikita Yingqian Cai, Ying Kwok, Hu Yun, Li Ran and Liu Shiyuan

Curator: Biljana Ciric


Shanghai-based independent curator Biljana Ciric to bring her touring project “Alternatives to Ritual” to OCAT Shenzhen and invite artists and curators to approach OCAT as a case study in the discussion and presentation of the creative practices of art organizations, and the possibilities for self-expression and self-definition.

“Alternatives to Ritual” began in the open space at the Shanghai Goethe institute in the autumn of 2012. At OCAT, this exhibition project aims to establish a working method through a series of experiments, fostering closer cooperation among all levels of the organization’s team. This includes sharing every facet of the OCAT working environment, including components that are rarely opened to the public, such as collections, document archives and library, so that the exhibition can challenge the traditional subject-object relationships between organizations, curators and artists.