Jiang Zhi in Now is the Time: 2019 Wuzheng Contemporary Exhibition

Now is the Time: 2019 Wuzheng Contemporary Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 2019.03.30 – 06.30

Curator: Fen Boyi, Wang Xiaosong, Liu Gang


Unexpectedly, time is not what Now Is the Time sets out to explore. Rather, the exhibition focuses on time as a measure of global change: time expanded into ‘epochs’ and ‘eras’. Concepts such as these have, historically, often been intertwined with patterns of human thought and behaviour. It is tempting to join the narrative of history, but all modern creative practices – including art – should resist the temptation to historicise, and instead enter the bloodstream of the here and now, of realities and locales: they should perceive the world not through that solidifying lens.

In this exhibition, we will invite artists from various countries to respond to external (political, social, technological) and internal (psychological, conscious) forces, to sketch the contours of varied pathways against the backdrop of time with artistic wisdom, and to curate and present a contemporary art exhibition with acute pertinence and thematic structure to social realities.

In essence, Now Is the Time is a hypothesis, but one with unique and far-reaching implications. At the same time, the exhibition extends the notion of time into a dimension of contemporary art, which is able to question the constraints of time and distance. How artists have interpreted “now” has been a significant impetus in the evolution of contemporary art. Through artworks which will be located in different exhibition spaces around Wuzhen: we hope, in this way, to guide audiences towards a calm observation of those fragments of time: “now”.

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