Jiang Zhi in “The D-Tale: Video Art from the Pearl River Delta” at Times Art Center Berlin

The D-Tale, Video Art from the Pearl River Delta

Exhibition Dates: 2018.11.30 – 2019.04.13

Curated by Hou Hanru

Co-curated by Xi Bei


Video art in the region of the Pearl River Delta emerged as early as the mid-1980’s. Videotage in Hong Kong and Southern Artists Salon in Guangzhou were pioneers and galvanizing creative forces in the field. This movement had been carried forward by the rise of collectives and individuals, including the “Big Tail Elephants Working Group”, the “Borges Bookstore”, “U-theque”, and artists JIANG Zhi and CAO Fei. By adopting the medium of moving images, artists from the Pearl River Delta seek freedom and forms of resistance against dominant ideology and powers, turning ordinary gestures into artistic strategies to construct diverse “personal utopias”. Their works represent the most groundbreaking and powerful visions of experimental art and culture in the PRD. As a result, the PRD has become a creative hub for international exchange and art activities, as well as a deviated model which inspires artists from other region.

Times Art Center Berlin is initiated by the Guangdong Times Museum. This is the first time an independent Asia-based art museum has founded a parallel institution abroad.


Image: Jiang Zhi, Our Love, exhibition view

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