Jiang Zhi participates in the 9th Shanghai Biennale

The 9th Shanghai Biennale: Reactivation

Exhibition Dates: 2012.10.02 – 2013.03.31

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Power Station of Art


“Reactivation” is the theme of this biennale.  The formation of this theme is closely connected with the relocation of the Shanghai Biennale and the establishment of the Shanghai Power Station of Art, naturally corresponding to the renovation and reopening of the original Nanshi Power Plant and then the Pavilion of Future of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.  It takes full advantage of the urban memories and the resources of world expo, grasps the life lines of the cradle of modern Chinese industry, undertakes the mission of contemporary resource reform, and representatively manifests the significance of the Shanghai Biennale and the Power Station of Art as source of thoughts and power generator of creativity.

Like other renovation projects of industrial sites around the world, the reorientation and exploitation of the original power plant is not merely recycle of waste resources, but the self-reflection and redesign about the whole city’s ecology. The idea behind “Reactivation” is not relocating a power plant to a place far away from the city, or generating power with renewable energy. Rather, it is an opportunity for us to think about how we live.

Communal inter growth is energy source, and ‘others’ are a form of mineral resources.  We have to mention the means of some other energy sources again, that is, seeking for energy from the relations of community. For example, on cold winter days when we were kids, we would not always use a stove to keep us warm. Instead, we would cuddle together for warmth. Energy is not some hidden treasure waiting to be discovered; it comes from collective consciousness. The difference between others and us becomes the source of our energy. Thus, to protect others and the society is the truly sustainable form of development.


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