Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition “The Man Carving the Boat” at Pingshan Art Museum

Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition “The Man Carving the Boat” is on view at Pingshan Art Museum.

Duration: 2022.12.24-2023.3.24

“The Man Carving the Boat”, Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition, hopes to reform “viewing” into a new exhibiting concept by way of changing the exhibiting space, a new channel is dug out for reforming the action of “viewing” by minimizing the physical spaces taken by viewers and dimming the lights. Let’s say that we are now in a universe of exhibition, with the embodiment of faces, languages, fairytales and desires. Its form may need installing by a universe order before it can reiterate in the cycle of human physical organs and social extension. In this installation calling for viewing, the viewers though stop far off the work, but rather step into the work. The artist views the world through photographing, which becomes the theme of this exhibition, namely presenting the “viewing on the viewing” in artistic creation. In this process, multiple eyes of extension are created to embrace the traditional real-life forms; a new space for consciousness is shaped.