Li Jinghu in “Crush” at Para Site Hong Kong


Exhibition Dates: 2018.09.15 – 11.25

Exhibition Venue: Para Site, Hong Kong

Artists: Oscar Chan Yik Long, Chen Zhe, Chen Dandizi, Musquiqui Chihying, South Ho, Huang Jingyuan, Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah, Lau Wai, Lee Kit, Li Jinghu, Dawn Kim, Marge Monko, Pak Sheung Chuen, Shen Sum-Sum, Magdalen Wong, Sunny Wong Wing Sang, Writing Mothers (organized by Huang Jingyuan, Wang Yamin, Feng Junhua), Cici Wu, Wu Chi-Yu

Curator: Qu Chang


“Crush” delves into the dark side of love and the complexities of unrequited emotion found therein. By tracing the injury, heartbreak, defeat and pathology associated with love, the exhibition reflects upon this vulnerable feeling and its interstices in both private life and the social structures found in the public realm.

The exhibition conjures a fictive space for lyricism, tracing the sensations of euphoria and perversion while simultaneously investigating the threats of entrapment. The exhibition assembles a group of artists who make use of daily mediums and subject matter to explore emotion and its affects. In responding to the themes of the exhibition, the artists present an increasingly identifiable tendency in current art practice, that uses emotion as a basis for artistic language. Through patient and measured methods such as writing, reading, and audio recording, these works either expand on emotions toward their surroundings, or investigate the precariousness of emotion as at once an inherent need and a socio-historical construct. Together they open up a space that relates so willingly with the audience, one that appeals to the politics of emotion as well as the lyrical tradition in literature.


Image: Li Jinghu, Lover, 2018, aluminium, jewellery, dimensions variable


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