Li Jinghu in group exhibition “South by Southeast. A Further Surface” at Guangdong Times Museum

South by Southeast. A Further Surface

Exhibition Dates: 2016.03.22 – 05.08

Exhibition Venue: Guangdong Times Museum


Artists: Art Labor (Vietnam), Pio Abad (ThePhilippines), Jon Cuyson (The Philippines), Maung Day (Myanmar), (trans-national), Nilbar Güreş (Turkey), Ahdiyat Nur Hartata (Indonesia), Maja Hodošček (Slovenia), Ana Hušman (Croatia), Eisa Jocson (The Philippines), Šejla Kamerić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Li Jinghu (China), Dalibor Martinis (Croatia).


“South by Southeast. A Further Surface” is extended from the original concept of “South by Southeast” held in Osage Art Foundation, Hong Kong in March 2015, by the invitation of Guangdong Times Museum. It is a gesture of the Times Museum to trace its location to Southeastern China and to take part in mediating imageries and geopolitical implications of the “Southeast” that were raised in the first part of the exhibition. Artists from Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe are brought together to create an experience that conveys the unique structure of the Southeast. The exhibition display creates the possibility for artists from both areas to relate to each other and to immerse the public in various states of mind. The Hong Kong articulation is further elaborated by bringing in new artists or by expanding the projects of those who had been part of the initial episode.