Li Jinghu in group exhibition “This Future of Ours” at Red Brick Art Museum

This Future of Ours

Exhibition Dates: 2016.04.10 – 06.10

Exhibition Venue: Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

Co – Curators: Wu Xiaojun, Xia Yanguo

Sponsor: Judith Neilson


“This Future of Ours” opens at Red Brick Art Museum on April 10th, 2016 and runs through June 10. The exhibition was jointly curated by Wu Xiaojun and Xia Yanguo and received academic support from Wang Zhiyuan.

The exhibition features works by thirteen artists, as well as the ongoing “Fly Together—the Shijiezi Village Art Project”. These works are very significant in terms of how one could reflect on and intervene into the multifaceted reality through the language of contemporary art. They not only embody unique explorations in terms of artistic language, but also have a sense of presence and roots in China’s current reality in terms of their subjects, targeting on local and specific issues.

The focus of “This Future of Ours” is actually the present, not the future; we want to examine ways of considering our present reality from the perspective of the future. Here, “ours” indicates a more open-minded way of seeing the world that is not based on existing identities. All of the participating artists come from China, yet this does not mean that the questions they raised only concern a certain area or population within China. These artists’ thoughts and perspectives on reality provide possible ways for viewers to understand, approach, and intervene in the broader social reality.

Judith Neilson of the White Rabbit Gallery in Australia provided sponsorship for this exhibition.


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