Li Jinghu in “Phantone” at HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou


Exhibition Dates: 2019.07.13 – 11.18

Exhibition Venue: HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou

Artists: Jan Albers, Angélica Dass, Dong Dawei, Olafur Eliasson, Feng Yan, Hong Shaopei, Li Jinghu, Liu Jianhua, Felipe Pantone, Quayola, SHIMURABros, Yan Lei, Yao Peng, Zhang Yue


Compared with the Chinese name “color threshold” in the exhibition, the English name “Pantone” directly discusses the consistency of industrialization exemplified in the “Pantone Matching System” which has standardized the definition of color sequencing.

Of the works to be exhibited, there are extended explorations of Op Art and optico-kinetic movement, presentations of specific production times in their relation to the formation of given colors, as well as the direct implementation of the Pantone system as a means of reflecting on social and political issues. These works incorporate emotional color components as an entry point of awakening synesthesia, calling for the audience to mobilize sensory parameters beyond visuality while actively participating in the process of cognitive conjoinment.