Li Jinghu participates “From the Mundane World: Launch Exhibition of He Art Museum”

Organizer: HEM

Chairman of Exhibition: He Jianfeng

Chief Curator: Feng Boyi

Curators: Hu Bin, Wang Xiaosong, Liu Gang, Shao Shu

Assistant Curators: Yang Qing, Gou Xianxu, Yuan Zhao, Lai Zhiqiang, Wang Qi

Artists: Francis Alÿs, Lucia Bru, Chen Wenji, Ding Yi, Feng Feng, Li Jinghu, Liu Wei, Kohei Nawa, Sun Yue, Tong Kunniao, Bernar Venet, Xu Bing, Yin Xiuzhen


Exhibition Abstract

Located in Shunde, Guangdong, He Art Museum (HEM) is a family established, non-profit art museum designed by Tadao Ando. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, From the Mundane World: Inaugural Exhibition of He Art Museum, originally scheduled to start from March of 2020, has been adjusted into two phases, including a launch exhibition and a grand exhibition.

The launch exhibition can be regarded as a warm-up before the grand opening. It is divided into three sections including Experience All Things, Doctrine for “Sole” Material Development, and Mundane Canteen. Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the launch exhibition has most of the works on display as previously planned, while some works by overseas artists will be presented afterward.

The exhibition attempts to develop on two aspects: “Mundane World” and the things from said world. “Mundane World” or the human world, includes the space inhabited by human beings, and time, material, energy, speed, etc. The rest of it, the tangible items like landscapes make up the things from the Mundane World. It is a study of how tangible “things” develop through the nebulous nature of the “Mundane World” and the resulting issues of production, consumption, ecology, etc. In the context of the on-going public health threat, this topic has become even more relevant and salient.


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