Li Li Ren participates in Frieze Sculpture 2023

Date: 2023.9.20-10.29
Curator: Fatoş Üstek

With a renewed vision and an array of historical and commissioned works, Frieze Sculpture 2023 brings together a wide array of inspiring artists from around the world. The exhibition is curated by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek and is presented by distinguished international galleries.

To find a way home is a sculptural composition of five patinated bronze and aluminium works, evoking natural aquatic forms. Working with a traditional material deeply rooted in art history, Ren approaches this in a novel way, oxidizing the bronzes in bright colours before sealing them, then working on them with sand and glass. The lurid colours speak to the acidic palette of sea creatures, which represent, for the artist, one element of the sublime in the natural realm, and the strange crossover between the synthetic and the organic.