Li Ran Solo Exhibition “Re-projecting: One or Many Roles” at OCAT Xi’an

Re-projecting: One or Many Roles

Exhibition Dates: 2015.03.21 – 05.17

Exhibition Venue: OCAT Xi’an


A leading member of the emerging generation, Li Ran’s approach to art has made him distinct amongst his peers. He has painted, produced installations, but his primary means of expression is the moving image. More, it is the artist himself, his presence as an actor in the works to date that marks the real distinction of his art. The videos are often recordings of theatrical performances in the guise of short films.“Re-projecting – One or Many Roles” further includes the artist’s extraordinary debut performance work Mont Sainte-Victoire, reconfigured here as a new installation, and a new commission, Lamplights, Props and Supports, unveiled for the first time.

Li Ran, Mont Sainte-Victoire, digital HD video, colour/sound, 34’36”, 2012