Liu Chuang participated in MOCA X K11 Foundation screening program “Transpacific Stream”

Liu Chuang participated in MOCA X K11 Foundation screening program “Transpacific Stream”, and shows his video work Untitled (The Dance Partner), 2010.


Notes from the Artist:

Liu Chuang, Untitled (The Dancing Partner), 2010, video, colour & sound, 5’15”

As we all know, highways always emerge simultaneously with the development of a modern nation. It is the model and artery of modernity, a system that is the embodiment of social rule and its symbolism, as well as the quintessential channel for the distribution of energy and flow of products – an urban system regulated through the combination of human and machine together. In this work, two cars identical in color, make, and model, drive in parallel to one another through the busy streets and highways in the city at the designated minimum speed limit set by the law. They travel across the city of Beijing by following a very precise route the artist had meticulously planned beforehand. The intention of this interruption is to probe and test the dynamics of a system integral to our modern social condition. The video is viewed from a vantage point far away from the cars, which mimics the distance and perspective of a surveillance camera. The camera angle therefore allows you to see clearly the relationship between a system and its interference together in one image.

Courtesy of the artist


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