Liu Yefu in “OVERPOP” at Yuz Museum, Shanghai


Exhibition Dates: 2016.09.04 – 2017.01.15

Exhibition Venue: Yuz Museum Shanghai

Artists: Math Bass, Ian Cheng, Samara Golden, Camille Henrot, Alex Israel, Helen Marten, Katja Novitskova, Tabor Robak, Borna Sammak, Kerry Tribe, Anicka Yi, He An, Liu Yefu, Tan Tian, Tong Kunniao, Wu Di and aaajiao (Xu Wenkai)

Curator: Jeffrey Deitch, Karen Smith


The concept of OVERPOP comes from Jeffrey Deitch – who has been advising Budi Tek and the Yuz Collection for this section – and the show will be displayed in the form of a curatorial conversation with Karen Smith, a Chinese contemporary art expert who has been based in China for over 24 years. Jeffrey has selected artworks from artists based in the US and Europe; Karen is curating artists based in China.