Liu Yefu’s solo exhibition “John Lenin” at Arting gallery

Date: 2023.08.03-09.07

Venue: Arting Gallery, Baltimore

Liu Yefu’s solo exhibition “John Lenin” is currently on view at Arting Gallery, Baltimore.Having relocated from Beijing to Baltimore a year ago, Liu Yefu adapted John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine” as a prelude to commemorate the mathematician Konstantin Olmezov, who tragically took his own life. These peculiar scenes, crafted through video and ink drawing, emerge from Liu’s engagement with daily news and social media. They serve as reflections of the modern human predicament: a paradox where we recognize the lessons of the past but still repeat them, where apparent logical coherence is riddled with flaws, and where one may appear cheerful and outgoing in public yet suppressed and sorrow in solitude. The project continues Liu’s on-going exploration to conservatism and progress, the elite and the grassroots, confronting the awkwardness between theory and reality, leap into the void, and challenging people’s stereotypes and biases.

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