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Magician Space participates in Paris Internationale 2023

Paris Internationale 2023


Hu Yinping’s solo exhibition



Venue:17 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris


Magician Space is pleased to participate in Paris Internationale 2023, presenting Hu Yinping’s solo exhibition “Hu Xiaofang – Snow-White Dove”.

Applying the logic of production and trade which is inherent in corporate systems and societies, Hu Yinping, under the brand name “Xiaofang” and “Hu Xiaofang”, places bulk orders of woolen textiles made by domestic women who live in a small village of her hometown. Her practices, to some extent, have changed the local economic and lifestyle structure of the entire town. In phase “Snow-white Doves”(2017-2019), Hu Yinping, by releasing a public service announcement of acquiring woolen bikinis, evoked a vivid imagination of beach and sea among elder women who live in the landlocked Sichuan Basin, allowing their consciousness to be unfettered from the limitations of physical distance.