Art Fairs

Shi Guowei participates in FIAC 2019

FIAC 2019

VIP Preview: 2019.10.16 – 17

Public Days: 2019.10.17 – 20

Booth: H21


Magician Space will be presenting Shi Guowei’s new series Painting from Nature in FIAC 2019, Booth H21.

‘The reason that I name these four pieces Painting from Nature is, the process of creating these four is similar to the process of sketching or painting from the landscape. I depict the nature honestly, the color scheme I choose is analogous to what the nature scene looks like, there is no emphasizing or exaggerating in particular. Therefore the sense of the entire project is composed of plain color and slightly abstracted nature scene. It’s as simple as one “painting from nature” without any fancy tricks or imposed gimmicks.’