Tang Yongxiang in “13+1 — Genealogy Study of Artists Retrospective Exhibition Season One” at Start Museum

13+1 — Genealogy Study of Artists Retrospective Exhibition Season One


Start Museum


Tang Yongxiang participates in the exhibition “13+1 — Genealogy Study of Artists Retrospective Exhibition Season One” at Start Museum. Genealogy Study of Artists launched in 2018. The direction of its growth is unknown, yet, it walks along like an enigma. Unknownness, imagination, openness and freedom might as well be the original intention of this project. It aiming to document artist’s present state and their stage creation outcome, as well as objectively presenting artist self-challenges moment through time.

The 13 exhibitions of Genealogy Study of Artists carried forward mainly included young Chinese artists, presenting diverse individual expressions of different media and artists, reflecting the forward-looking and pioneering of research from the perspective of art museums.

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