Wu Chen in the “Zoo | Amusement Park” at Cloud Art Museum

Wu Chen participates in the “Zoo | Amusement Park” at Cloud Art Museum.

Curator: Dongmen Yang

Artists: Chen Ke,Miao Miao,Nabuqi,Sun Yitian,Wang Xiaoqu,Wen Ling,Wu Chen,Yan Cong

Duration: 2023.1.1-3.7

Based on one structure of plus seven, a large-scale amusement and interactive installation by a sculptress in series with the unsophisticated and humorous life-like artworks of seven painters. Through its circuit and combination of the relaxed, direct, participatory and interactive artworks, the exhibition creates a field of warmth and blends the experience of art into the comfortable everyday perceptions. Bringing the naive metaphors of “zoo and amusement park” into the art museum, is to implant the art museum into a fairyland beyond the reach of linear time. Now the scenes have been switched, but the same rules have been secretly followed. Like a genuine encounter with animals in a zoo, or an intimate interaction with a partner in amusement park, the art museum seems to have changed its function. People linger in it, playing, relaxing, strolling and meditating in the atmosphere here rendered by the combined efforts of artworks.”

Exhibition View