Yao Qingmei in “China Landscape: Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019”

China Landscape: Selections from the Taikong Collection 2019

Exhibition Dates: 2019.03.21 – 05.05

Exhibition Venue: No. A07, 798 Art Zone No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Artists: Ai Xuan, Ai Zhongxin, Cai Guo-Qiang, Chen Ren, Chen Shaoxiong, Chen Yifei, Chen Zhen, Ding Fang, Ding Yi, Fang Lijun, Gao Weigang, Hu Xiangqian, Jiang Zhaohe, Jiang Zhuyun, Jin Shangyi, Li Yousong, Liu Chuang, Liu Kaiqu, Liu Wei, Liu Wei, Liu Xiaodong,  Liu Xinyi, Liu Ye, Luo Zhongli, Ma Qiusha, Mao Xuhui, Nabuqi, Qiu Xiaofei, Shang Yang, Shen Yaoyi, Shi Chong, Su Tianci, Sui Jianguo, Wang Guangle, Wang Guangyi,  Wang Sishun, Wang Yuyang, Wu Dayu, Wu Guanzhong, Wu Zuoren, Xie Molin, Xu Bing, Xu Wenkai (aaajiao), Yang Jiechang, Yao Qingmei, Yuan Qingyi, Yu Youhan, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhang Peili, Zhang Wenyuan, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhao Bandi, Zhao Zhao, PSFO, Zhou Chunya

Curator: Tang Xin

“China Landscape: Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019” is conceived as an experimental case study for art collection as an institutional practice and productive force in the art and cultural field. The exhibition departs from the Taikang academic research and collection system, positioning in the present, re-examine the past, explore in depth and focus on presenting the history of contemporary art of China since 1942 and its complex development. By juxtaposing three historical periods, namely, from 1942 to pre-economic reform period, from China’s economic reform to the present, and thereon towards to the future, among these artists, the works of art that most embody their respective time were chosen; “China Landscape” repositions the linear and chronological narrative into the parallel narratives about history and reality, tradition and contemporary, art and politics, that underscores the complex relationships between art from the pre-reform period and contemporary art, in order to present a humanistic landscape steeped in historical contexts.

“China Landscape” originates from more than a decade of acquisition for the Taikang Collection, and the lasting and extensive practice at Taikang Space based on the notions of “Retrospection and Encouragement”. On the one hand, Taikang Space aims to help the enterprise to build a historically informed system of art collection, while re-investigating into the history of art that has already taken place, its focus into the future, exploring the direction of artistic development, for which the exhibition program and activities of the space have been designed to follow these two directions. On the other hand, the Taikang Collection has adopted research and practice as the subjects about the institution, and sets the development of system and academic studies as its goal, where collection in this sense has become a mode of artistic production.

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