Yao Qingmei in “Long Day” at Taikang Space

Long Day

Exhibition Dates: 2019.10.18 – 2020.04.05

Exhibition Venue: Aranya Art Centre

Artists: Chen Wei, Chen Zhe, Ko Sin Tung, Guan Xiao, Hu Xiaoyuan, Huang Yongsheng, Liu Ren, Lu Yuanping, Tong Yixin, Yao Qingmei, Zhang Ruyi


Co-organized by Aranya Art Centre and Owspace, and curated by Taikang Space, the exhibition “Long Day” invites eleven young artists who are active in contemporary art field. Through various media, these artists explore the relative perception and personal experience of time and daily life from the perspective of visual art.

This is an exhibition about time, where it is not referred to as an abstract concept, but a concrete day shared by all the people: morning, noon, dusk and sunset. Here, one day is divided into different chapters, while its original, natural meanings are eventually linked and magnified. They constitute not only a 24-hour period that can repeat endlessly, but also intimate moments with different textures in everyone’s life experience.

The exhibition is not only about one day, but also about our time consciousness and the tolerance in how the seemingly transient and unchanging time structure embraces and transforms into a long journey. The condensed moments must go through thousands of ephemeras and accumulate day by day before adding up to a year. These subtle experiences penetrating into each day and night have left the traces that can transcend time.

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