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Yao Qingmei participates in LOOP Barcelona 2015 

LOOP Barcelona 2015

Artist: Yao Qingmei

Exhibition Dates: 2015.06.04 – 06

Exhibition Venue: Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Barcelona


LOOP Fair, 4–6 June, will present 45 galleries featuring solo projects by contemporary video artists. This prudent selection has been undertaken by the committee, made up of  collectors Isabelle Lemaître, Josée & Marc Gensollen, Haro Cumbusyan and Renée Drake, and chaired by Jean-Conrad Lemaître. Many of these showings will be world premieres from artists such as Janet Biggs, Fabien Charuau, Hoël Duret, Bertrand Lamarche, Claudia Larcher, Jacco Olivier, João Onofre, Katarzyna Kozyra, Ulrich Polster, Dominik Stauch, Isabel Rocamora, Eulàlia Valldosera, Puck Verkade and Richard T. Walker.

Since 2003, LOOP Fair has been the first in its field exclusively dedicated to the discovery, promotion and acquisition of contemporary video art works.This year, Magician Space will present Yao Qingmei with her work Dance! Dance! Bruce Ling! to the Loop Fair.