Yu Bogong participates in “Longic Being Discussing: Organhaus International Artists Workshop Festival“

Longic Being Discussing: Organhaus International Artists Workshop Festival

Exhibition Dates: 2012.10.15 – 30

Exhibition Venue: Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing


Organhaus international artists workshop festival, Chongqing, 2012 is an international art project co – founded and partacipated by the “Organhaus Art Space” (Chongqing, China), the Swiss Cultural Foundation, the Gerd College (China), and the Culture Bureau of Dusseldorf City (Germany).

As a long – term art projec of the “Organhaus Art Space”, this is the fifth “international artists workshop” since its inception in 2008. Chongqing, as the program’s main field, is a city with rapid developing and the secular life environment of urban and rural’s combination, provides a vivid and rich practical contexts to this program. Artists workshop is an art program with artists as the main body, which emphasizes the work site of artists and the concepts’ collision that brought by various artists. Also can say, “otherness” will be the core value of workshop.

In the past several session of workshop, city and urbanization, multiple media and individual expression is always the focus of our discussion. Artists show individuality difference and appear open feature while they are discussing widely on these topic. With futher discussion and accumulation of works, we begin to seting theme with conscious since 2011, such as the theme of 2011 is qustioning the difference between Chinese and Western concept of “new media art”. The plan of the first half year of 2012, sets up the theme “the spirit – material – memory”, which is in the circulatory system that related to the artists creation.

The principal line of this workshop falls in the perspective viewing of artistic production, the contemporary art practice show difference depends on different contexts and backgrounds, it is also emphasizes the rationality of the text frame and logic self construction, while different styles and features of visual image appaers. Therefore, judgment and seeing the artist’s personal practice must put the artist thinking and the background and object behind dialog into the discussion. Therefore, there is much room for discussion when looking across artists from different countries and different knowledge backgrounds of artistic practice. It is also what we expect to see.