Yu Bogong

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Yu Bogong (b.1970, Inner Mongolia, China) works in Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Fuzhou, and Shaoguan Danxia Mountain. In the middle 1990s, he was one of the artists in the Avant-garde art movement in Yuanmingyuan artist village in Beijing. Yu Bogong’s artistic practices involve multiple forms, such as sculpture, installation, and drawing. In recent years, he focuses on projects of social engagement. Mobile Academy, Mobile Camp, Discovery-Library, are the three projects initiated from nature as the maternal perspective, focusing on a series of on-site educational practice.

Major solo exhibitions include: Discovery Academy, Qingdao (2016); Aoluguya, Magician Space, Beijing (2013); Landing, Store & Space, Guangzhou (2013); At This Present Moment, White Space Beijing, Beijing (2011); Cross the Riverbed, Magician Space, Beijing (2009); Heart Moves Before Body, Magician Space, Beijing (2008).

Selected group exhibitions and programs: Conversation In Between Child and the World, Jingdezhen (2018); The New Masses, Nanjing Arts Institute Museum, Nanjing (2018); Genetic Memory-Projector, Quanzhou International Art Residency Creative Project, Quanzhou (2018); Social Theatre: Participation and Sharing – the 5th Chongqing Biennale for Young Artists, Sichuan Fine Art Institute Art Museum, Chongqing (2017); Mobile Camp, Urban-passing Spiritual Nomad, Beijing (2017); Mobile Arrow, Fuzhou (2017); Discovery- Library, Fuzhou (2017); What Is It That Makes Our Life So Different, IVY ART 2017, N3 Gallery, Beijing (2017); Encounters – Art Sanya, 2013, Sanya (2013); Das Ich Im Anderen, Mercator Foundation, Essen, DE (2011); Asian Landmark: Toyota Art Project, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2010).

Fruit Cell, installation view

Skeleton of Lantern, 2019, bamboo strips, rice paper, cotton thread, clay, dimensions variable

Skeleton of Lantern, 2019, bamboo strips, rice paper, cotton thread, clay, dimensions variable

Eight Little Sprites, 2008, installation, bronze, paulownia wood, sand, loudspeaker, inductor, computer, 250 x 250 x 156 cm

Sound Box of Herbal Medicine, 2006, Installation, Elmwood, glass, loudspeaker, power amplifier, DVD, Background Sound: Sound Field, Earthliness, 138 x 350 x 70cm

To the Origin, 2009, installation, generator, gasoline, red dye, glassware, plastic pipe, neon light, bicycle wheel, iron pipe, dimensions variable

Cocaine, 2008, installation, acrylics, plastic pipe, food colorants, air pump, water pump, stainless steel container, 180 x 60 x 90cm

The Long Expedition, 2012, hand-carved pagoda wood, stone, 213 x 35 x 38cm

KARMA: An Interview Between Ai Weiwei & Yu Bogong

“Ai: I somehow like these two little devils. They are energetic, rebellious, but not hostile. However, they are not to be ignored. What is your inspiration for the work?

Yu: These two little devils represent the two antagonistic aspects of a human being. Everyone has one of them on display and the other in disguise. These two aspects are indeed different.

Ai: How are they different?

Yu: Everyone has good and evil in him, which is undeniable.”